EVENTS & Activities

All of our upcoming events will be posted here.Stay tuned.


We offer hikes and boat tours to explore the local flora and fauna. You will see the mangrove jungle, coastal lagoons, the alligator nursery, and much more. We will discuss the environmental implications and biological importance of these surrounding natural habitats.




From organic farming, renewable energy to sustainable waste management, we host a diverse array of seminars to educate, share, and contribute to the conversation about climate change. Our goal is to encourage and discuss solutions to contribute to the preservation of the earth's natural world.


We host a range of retreats that encourage the harmonious coexistence between humans and the planet. This includes yoga and meditation retreats, eco retreats, and digital detox retreats. We are devoted to maintaining a rustic and rural center where simplicity is valued.



Whether you are here for research, on a retreat, attending a seminar, or simply visiting Tecolutla, we encourage and love to have volunteers assist with tasks to maintain the center and contribute to the local community and coastal environment. Opportunities to volunteer include but are not limited to the following: plastic removal from the beach, painting murals at the village, visiting schools and teaching English, or gardening.


This intimate tour will be led by Lazaro Herrera and can be tailored to your interests and length of stay, ranging from single day to multi-day tours. With Laz as your tour guide, you will have the opportunity to delve into historical, archeological, and ecological sites around Mexico. Explore colonial Mexico, including the fine arts theatre and the basilica. Visit the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Museum in Cayoacán, or investigate the archaeological site of Tajin. 

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