Centro Internacional de Investigacion para la Preservacion Ecologica 



Internacional Research Center for Ecological Preservation


Tecolutla, Veracruz, Mexico



Research and preserve the surrounding ecosystems, which include the mangrove jungle, coastal lagoons, and estuaries, as well as flora and fauna of the region. 

Unite scientists to engage in scientific inquiry throughout the formation of the SAC (Scientific Advisory Committee). 


CEMEVE is the organization where CIIPE was born, and it is dedicated to advancing research education and engagement with ecological sustainability and climate change. 


Lazaro Herrera Herbert was born in Poza Rica State of Veracruz in Mexico on December 17, 1955, just 45 minutes form Tecolutla. At 7 years of age, Lazaro visited Tecolutla for the first time. From then on, he regularly visited the area and developed a deep commitment to preserving its natural ecosystems.


He studied at Salvador Diaz Miron High School and attended The Metropolitan Autonomous University with a major on Hydrobiology. During his time at The Metropolitan Autonomous University, he visited the area regularly and performed a 3-month study of the mangrove jungle. In 1986 as part of a school seminar, Lazaro came to the United States where he received his Masters in Environmental Science and Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia PA in 1992..

Lazaro has been a part of several sustainability efforts in Mexico and the United States. He participated in the formation of the Tecolutla Turtle Preservation Project which aimed to preserve the Lora turtles in Tecolutla. He participated as a Vicepresident until 2015. During that period, several fundraising activities were performed throughout the United States to fund the preservation efforts of the Lora turtles. A hectare of land was acquired to procure the preservation efforts and the continuum of bringing back the Lora turtle population out of endangered species. 


In 2011, he formed el Centro de Mejoramiento Ecologico del Estado de Veracruz (CEMEVE) where he is the executive director. CIIPE was born as part of this association. Lazaro feels it is his purpose to pioneer the ecological preservation and study of the Tecolutla coastal areas, understanding its biodiversity, as well as advancing sustainability programs, waste management and renewable energy in the area, state of Veracruz and the world. 


Lazaro is the proud father of three daughters: Melanie, Hannah, and Katrina Herrera.